<i>Learning is not equal to getting good grades</i> <i>So don’t fight for high scores</i></font>
<i>Learning is not equal to getting good grades</i> <i>So don’t fight for high scores</i></font>

Learning is not equal to getting good grades So don’t fight for high scores

Programs We Offer

Since every student has different learning needs and goals, SOP has come up with many different courses that will surely cater your need in English. The programs we have range from the very basic English program for toddlers to academic to exams and even business. Take a look at the courses below.
English for Toddlers – designed for children age 3-6 years of age where they are taught the foundation of the English language. This is available for both our online and offline platform.
Cambridge English for Kids – created for school age children from 7 to 12 where they learn vocabularies, basic grammar and communication skills, reading and writing and familiarize the Cambridge Starters, Movers and Flyers exams. This is available for both our online and offline platform.
Cambridge English for Teens – developed for junior and high-school students where they can develop their English with the help of the Cambridge Key, Preliminary and First for Schools exams. This is available for both our online and offline platform. This is available for both our online and offline platform.
English for Adults – designed for mature learners who want to develop more their English skills to communicate better in the society both in the workplace and in the public spaces. This is available for both our online and offline platform.
Academic English – created for students who want to strengthen their academic skills in preparation for taking the IELTS and TOEFL exams. This is available for both our online and offline platform.
Exam English – TOEIC, IELTS and TOEFL – designed to help learners prepare for taking these exams and get their desired target scores. This is available for both our online and offline platform.
Family Course – developed for Parents and children who are studying English together.

Our programs for Kids to Adults are 100% Cambridge program allowing students to grow in all the four skills – listening, reading, speaking and writing. Application on what you have learned is the most important and not the grades you get.
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The Teachers

We have always tried our best to make every teacher happy for in return happy teachers equal to better performance and in return satisfied students. Our teachers are not just fully-equipped but are also full of dedication in helping you achieve your English goals.
We pride in saying that our faculty is TESOL certified and have more years of innovative teaching experience to help bring you forward with the English learning. Our teachers will guide you through your pace of learning with their professional guidance. This is what road to prosperity is like in SOP when you learn with our teachers.

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Because our teachers are TESOL certified, SOP opens the first ‘’TESOL like Teacher Training course’’ in Cebu creating a place for teachers from other countries who are engaged in teaching English to obtain knowledge on how to better approach English teaching and obtain certificate after the training.
This can help the trainees to look at themselves more positively, explore more potentials in a systematic curriculum and move forward with joy.
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The Mission

SOP is trying to create a learning system that allows students to learn English happily. In the past three years, this has helped many of our students to re-recognize ‘’English’’ and re-recognize themselves as well.
We want you to have to take it slow and be into the learning system we are creating and from there will be able to follow the flow of a more comfortable learning.
Achievement through scores isn’t our focus. We are eager to see you expand your freedom, solve problems, get along with others and enhance your view of the international horizon.
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As long as the ‘’learning attitude’’ is correct, the students happiness index is about 2.38 times higher than the official examination achievement.

As long as the ‘’positive positive’’ mentality is shown, the success rate of the students re-recognizing English is over 95%.

As long as theres the decision to ‘’brave back to zero’’, the students ability to develop their own potential can be increased by more than 90%
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Is it extremely important for our students and teachers to have a safe environment for learning?

In recent years, there have been too many formaldehyde problems caused by the decoration in offices, classrooms, and houses, which has led to modern people being exposed to high carcinogenic conditions.

Our language school is committed to providing students and teachers with a zero-risk, friendly environment. Therefore, a powerful equipment for removing formaldehyde, disinfection, and PM2.5 is added to our school, so that every student and teacher who comes here can be assured.

The Learning Environment
We want you to learn with ease and comfort so we provide quality classrooms for conducive learning.
The equipment is carefully selected. Unlike other schools, we offer customized tables with comfortable space for learning and eye-friendly tone. The chairs used are also ergonomic and high-profile ‘’LIFETIME’’ chair. The whiteboard is high-textured and is easily available for teachers when they have something to write. Also, we have high-standard USB port and international power outlets just accessible to students and teachers whenever they need during classes.

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Nursery Room

The best time to start learning English is at a very young age. Many schools promise good education but parents worry not only about the quality of education their kids can get but also with the kind of environment their kids are studying in.

SOP provides quality education and a clean and friendly learning environment for all very young learners that parents can be assured of - kids happily learning in the cleanest and safest environment they can be in.

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In addition to providing a quality classroom environment, we understand the help of hardware devices.
Technology is of great help to learning nowadays and we keep this in mind so we have readily available laptops for use in classes. We want students to let go of the way many used to learn English and instead embrace our non-score-technology oriented learning.

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Your health is also one thing we consider when we chose the markers to be used in classes. We value more than anything else your safe state when studying with us. We want you to avoid unnecessary dizziness, allergies and physical discomfort so we carefully chose the odorless and nature friendly whiteboard markers twice as much as the normal markers used for both students and parents comfort.
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We provide the most advanced star-rated toilets in the whole of the hotel (one side is sea view and one side is mountain view), so that students can learn every day in the education center, full of comfort and happiness.