<i>Because❤️</i> <i>We will be</i> <i>moving forward together</i></font>
<i>Because❤️</i> <i>We will be</i> <i>moving forward together</i></font>

Because❤️ We will be moving forward together

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The English learning service platform of Cebu Learning Agency SOP Company is tailored mainly to provide an innovative platform for students to have a full effective English learning environment. In order to achieve it, our education system is organized, designed and applied in a goal of producing students with both knowledge and a heart. We have combined the knowledge of our well experienced teachers and the intensive content of our international references – mainly from Cambridge and Oxford Press to up bring student’s English ability from low to the highest possible level. Also, our senior teachers are qualified through the TESOL International English Teacher Certification. Therefore, the quality of teaching is guaranteed.

Our SOP team helps and guides you to effectively use the English language in these following ways:
1. A 50 minutes per class is given to students.
2. A Free English health check test upon request is given to check your progress.
3. One on one English teaching scheme throughout the course to ensure sufficient time to speak English
4.Breakthrough is guaranteed and cost is lower.
5. Every minute is efficiently used. Therefore, there is no waste in every piece of money for every course.
6. Teachers are well experienced. Thus, they can easily find weaknesses and set plan of actions to improve the student’s overall English skills.
7. A student progress analysis chart is provided to check your English growth.

🤝 We will forward your needs to our qualified agencies in China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Russia, Middle East, Vietnam, Mongolia and Thailand to serve you as soon as possible.