<i>Comfort is standard</i> <i>Safety is required</i></font>
<i>Comfort is standard</i> <i>Safety is required</i></font>

Comfort is standard Safety is required

Comfort is Standard. Safety is required.

As this saying suggests, we are highly committed to the needs of our students. Therefore, we offer the best accommodation and healthy food in a very safe environment.
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The quality of the four-star hotel accommodation level allows each student and parents to enjoy the best service quality and accommodation during their studies.

The 24-hour hotel management not only makes the students safe, but also gives parents peace of mind.

24-hour customer service counter, accommodation related consultation, you can always find someone to ask.

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Great! It’s cool inside.

Your room is installed with the new Daikin R32’s variable frequency split air conditioner. Other than being noiseless, it has frequency conversion technology that saves you 30% of your electric bill.
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Help me! I want to eat an ice cream now.

No worries! We prepared a refrigerator just for you. Its double door features allows you to store your favorite ice cream in the freezer and a cola in the chiller.
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Just wondering! Is this toilet as good as mine?

Definitely! We provide the famous American Standard bathroom equipment. It’s just the same as yours.
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Confused! Hot or Cold?

Not a problem! The water that flows out from your faucet is both hot and cold.
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Hot Shower, please.

Hot and Cold shower is provided for you to enjoy.
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Help! Does somebody have a hair dryer?

We have a hair dryer available for you.
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OMG! I forgot my adapter.

No need! Your room is equipped with outlets which allow you to plug in any devices.

24Hrs Hotel Service.
No worries, a Panasonic telephone in room is provided for you. Just press 0 on the dial to ask the front desk for assistance.
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Fire! I hate fire.

Smoke detectors and water sprinkles are available to distinguish fire.
Missing your FOOD?

Your room is equipped with an electric stove, a flat pot and a range hood which lets you cook your own desired dish.
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Lights OFF please! I can’t sleep.

Your hotel has blackout curtains that prevent outdoor lightning from entering your room. Also, it allows 100% shading effect that prevents outside heat to make your room even cooler.
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Bubbles! I just love it.

Rest assured that your laundries are washed thoroughly and with care. Our star rated laundry service happily serves you. Just put your laundry into the bag and you are ready to go.
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What an awesome breathtaking view!

The view from your hotel is equally good day or night. At night, you can clearly see planes landing and taking off. In the daytime, you see modern buildings and trees sharing the beauty of the city.
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Wow! I can’t wait to swim.

You can swim to your heart’s content in your semi-closed swimming pool. No need to worry of being sunburned, it is partly covered to prevent sun from entering freely.
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No Sweat!

You’ve got a gym that allows you to stretch, work-out and move – in short exercise using our advance gym equipment.
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Good Food! Good Friends!

You’ve got meals that are equally delicious and healthy, so dig in and enjoy it with your friends.

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👍The "water" SOP is paid at two to three times the cost, simply because we care about your health.

The cleanliness of the water source has always determined people's health. Because we have been working in Cebu for many years, we understand the concerns of parents and students. Therefore, we cooperate with the best drinking water supplier in Cebu, and also our friends for many years. Let every student who comes to the education center be completely assured.
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