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Most language academies designs a curriculum that equips students to simply pass examinations without actually internalizing the information shared. Though some students actually pass the test by simply memorizing, it is however proven not effective when dealing in an actual situation just like at work.
Therefore, In SOP, our education method focuses on equipping our students to learn not only from books but also from interactions with people. Since English as we believe is a life-long learning. it must be enjoyed. Therefore, developing love of the language is our utmost goal.
We want parents to work with us to teach the right values to the next generation in order to make this educational work more meaningful.
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Being with our children and seeing them grow is the most precious moment for parents. At that moment, the child feels sincerity, support and companionship by his/her parents. The connection between heart to heart and the experience of true happiness are brewing up every day in this process. Children explore with curiosity, and parental encouragement makes children develop courage to face the future. Laugh together, cry together, face challenge together, son cheer up💪
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We have produced children in a right environment and it has an exploding effect – a breakthrough. In the past three years, hundreds of students have experienced self-confidence, ability to solve problems, and the ability to think spontaneously. As a result, there is an average breakthrough of 354 points after four weeks of the license. Do you know what inspires the inner world of children? "Love"
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